Thursday, June 24, 2010

My whereabouts...and new bouquets!

Apologies for the long absence! My daily duties as an environmental writer ramped up with the recent oil spill and I was working some very very long hours. Even traveled to the Gulf for a time, which was gut-wrenching. Particularly seeing oiled birds huddling, shivering in these pens waiting to be cleaned.

No surprise that once I got home I was very very happy for a little, pretty distraction to lose myself in. And now I have two bouquets to share!

The first was for a bride who had her loved ones contribute pieces and then went out and hand-selected the rest. Lovely color palette of cream, gold and silver.

The shoe buckle around the handle was her grandmother's. I framed it with pieces of a rhinestone necklace to tie it into the boquet a little more. I just love working with brides who contribute pieces -- it's so much fun for me to work on plus it's that much more meaningful.

This bouquet was for a bride who wanted a spring palette. Her mother was a dancer and had these adorable little shoes that are now attached to the handle of the bouquet.

So sweet!

Love these little shoes...

Even made matching boutonnieres!

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Carrie said...

You do SUPERB work!