Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Megan's jewelry

One of the most memorable parts of my sister's wedding was the morning of the big day. All the girls gathered in her room for breakfast, pedicures and manicures and in the corner, on an antique dresser, I set up dozens of pieces of jewelry. Some went for more of a Deco look with silver and clear rhinestones while others went with more 1950s jewelry in golden tones. I loved that Megan didn't expect all the us to match exactly (good thing too since there's no way I'd be able to find five identical pieces of vintage anything!)

Megan was going to wear the necklace shown above which is actually mine but in the end she went with a simpler look with a pair of chandeliers, a cuff bracelet and a rhinestone star hair piece. We also put some little star jewelry on her blue shoes too. (I'll post a little how-to on that soon. They ended up looking adorable.)

The photos were taken by the amazing Max Wanger .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy one month anniversary Megan and Phil!

A month after my daughter was born my sister got married to her longtime love, Phil, at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Megan has always been super crafty and designed everything from the vintage style Barnum & Baily invitations, to the sculptural flower arrangements, to the matching labels that went on the jam jars in each gift bag (which also included animal crackers). It was truly magical. Anyway, happy one month anniversary Megan and Phil!

div> Lucia in her first formal dress!
Husband and son -- who was supposed to be the ring-bearer alas at the last minute refused to carry the adorable star fish with the rings.

Walking down the aisle with Lucia

The big moment!

She's here -- and I'm back!

Introducing the newest member of our little growing family -- Lucia Louise! Welcome to the world little Lulu! Doesn't she look jaunty in her little mini skirt and beret. I plan on dressing her up like a little Christmas elf for as long as she'll let me. Hoping hair will come in soon so she'll look less like Winston Churchill.

So after a long absence from my jewelry line I'm back working feverishly to catch up a little. It was a tough pregnancy and after a few stress related incidents, I decided I need to take it easy. And as I couldn't drop my 3-year-old or real job, I had to take a break from Noaki Jewelry.

Anyway I've had this creative burst and posted maybe 50 pieces or more in the last couple of weeks with more to come.

Thanks for your patience!