Saturday, October 25, 2008

New banner

I'm so sorry for the sparse postings but I've just been scrambling to finish a bunch of custom orders and get enough pieces together to finally get my website up and running. I'm hoping to unveil it this week or next -- Yay!!!

It took months for me to come up with an image for my banner. I was obsessively looking everywhere for something that reflected that vintagey/beachy feel I've been going for -- and finally found it!! I'm still tweaking it but got so excited that I just wanted to post it. What do think? Any font suggestions?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So this weekend we went to a nearby pumpkin patch to pick up this year's jack-o-lanterns. It was just too cute watching Blake, my 2-year-old, running around looking for his pumpkin and going on the rides. I just melted watching him.

I was thinking of dressing him up as a bee this year. He has this puffy navy blue and orange vest that I thought I could pair with some black tights and tea strainers for the eyes. My husband wants us to do Elvis this year...Thoughts?

And, yes, that necklace is the "jewel leaf necklace" currently in my shop. I usually try and wear everything just once to make sure the piece hangs properly, the colors looks right and the piece doesn't have any weird wires poking out.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sparkling ribbon necklace

So I'm about to list my first in an occasional series of luxury pieces. This sparkling ribbon necklace is so stunning -- I just love it. It photographs beautifully and will be around long after its future owner puts her dress away...