Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So, admittedly, my mouth fell open when I heard that Latina Magazines's online edition planned to feature of one of my heirloom bouquets. It was such a thrill and honestly a little vindication of what I thought was a wacky idea at the time. A jeweled bouqet?

Honestly, I really just thought it would be fun to do something with my sister. She's amazingly talented and so creative and, for a time, did the flowers for high-end Hollywood events.

That first bouquet took ages to put together but it was just so much fun making something totally frivolous, extravagant and yet, ultimately, meaningful. I just love the idea of creating something for someone's most important day out of all these old, forgotten pieces that deserve a second look.


alissa said...

Its beautiful! so unique- id love to keep it (unlike flowers that are gone asap!)

Noaki Jewelry said...

thanks alissa! they've been so much fun to make though i'm looking at my fingers and they're starting to look a little sad from all the wiring and clipping. yikes.

Jay said...

Really beautiful love to see some more beautiful collection. :)