Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beach Wedding

I've been working with this really lovely bride, who is getting married on one of the most stunning parts of the California coastline. I got so inspired and carried away by what she wanted that I ended up making four pieces! I'm sure she's not going to wear them all so some will likely be up for grabs soon.


Dutch Charlie said...

Your model's arm is mighty sun-burned.

*Michelle said...

So I just found you through Zenadia, commented, went to your etsy, "favorite"ed several items, added your blog to my stalkings, am planning on featuring you on my lil 'ol blog... and then it hit me... You just made my world MUCH more difficult! Do you realize how many very different pieces of your designs would work so well for my wedding?! AND you do custom? YEESH! How's a bride supposed to make a decision with so many great options!?!? =)